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How do you attract a Colombian woman?

Colombian women are just like exotic desserts—once you`ve tried them, the unforgettable taste never leaves your mind. Their beauty is otherworldly, their inner world is rich and manifold, and their happy worldview is contagious. Read on and see why every man desires to date a Colombian girl!

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With more than 25 million gorgeous ladies in Colombia, finding your perfect girl is a piece of cake. Just like with any other nation, Colombians have particular rules in dating. If you want to steal the spotlight from other guys and set their eyes on you, follow these tips:

Forget about shyness

Colombians are warm-hearted: they love flirting, laughing, and having a great time. If you want to impress a Colombian girl, show your romantic interest. Give her a bright smile, wink, and put your best flirt lines on the table.

Be attentive

Pay attention to the facts she mentions about herself. Ask what she loves and use it for your next dates (her favorite wine/food, her hobbies, etc.) Don`t turn the date into a monologue or an interview: ask questions and tell something about yourself as well.

Sparkle the conversation with humor

How to date a Colombian woman? Make her laugh. Humour is engraved in the DNA of Colombian women. They love guys who can crack a joke and make them laugh hysterically. If jokes aren`t your specialty, at least laugh together with her. Prepare some good ones in advance to lighten up the atmosphere and set the cheerful mood for your date.

Pay the bill

Do you want to show a Colombian woman you enjoyed her company? Forget about splitting the check. She may offer to pay, but don`t take it too seriously. Many international singles have forgotten about it, so if your goal is to stand out from the rest—take the check from her hands and leave her clueless about the sum.

What are Colombian women like?

The guide on how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you is almost over, but their stunning looks weren`t mentioned yet. Let`s take a look at Colombian ladies and see why many guys are chasing their hand in marriage: Curvy petite body, smooth bronze skin, and thick dark/dirty-blonde hair. Soft facial features, big brown/hazel/green eyes, and feminine poise. Healthy look due to love for sports and amazing eating habits.

How do you know if a Colombian woman likes you?

Knowing how to make a woman fall for you is a sacred art, but detecting if she likes you back is a bigger challenge. With a Colombian girl, these signs indicate a spark and a romantic vibe between her heart and yours:

She gives you her full attention

Although Colombians are sociable and curious by nature, a local girl acts way more intimate with a person she likes. She may ask about your hobby and offer to participate in it with you or invite you to meet her friends for dinner. When hanging out, she won`t touch her phone and will have her full attention on the conversation you two are having.

She craves physical contact

When meeting a Colombian woman, you’ll notice her desire to hug or touch you. Whether it`s hugging longer than usual or taking you to the dance floor every 10 minutes, a Colombiana will find her way to touch you. She might gently brush a speck of dust from your shoulder or “accidentally” bump into you while walking on the street. You`ll instantly feel the difference if she`s into you.

Bottom line

Dating a Colombian woman is a complex process that requires patience and secret knowledge. Now that you know how to play the cards right, don’t be afraid to make the first move and find your true Colombian love!

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