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Colombian Women And Their Price A Mail Order Wife

Before you set out to find a bride online, you need to figure out what your budget is going to be. After all, if it`s more cost efficient to simply travel to Colombia and find a woman to fall in love with while you`re there, why not do that instead of paying for a Colombian bride online? Turns out it`s because in the long run, getting a Colombian bride online is a much more stable expenditure, despite the Latin mail order bride price.

Actual Colombian Brides And Dating Sites 2021

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Why isn`t it cost effective to get a Colombian wife offline?

Finding a Colombian wife offline implies flying to Colombia and spending an uncertain amount of time there. The only certain price you could have right now is the cost of the one way flight. Once you`re in Colombia, you`d have to spend an unknown number of days staying at a hotel until you finally find a girl willing to be your wife. Even that comes down to luck, because unlike the online mail order bride services, you won`t have a translator ready to go whenever you meet a lady. You`d also have to take these women out on dates, which could go on for months before you eventually break up for some reason. Isn`t it much more financially secure to find the person you love online, and then come meet her? That Colombian bride cost is certain to be much lower than what you`d incur here!

Primary online dating expenses

How much does it cost for a mail order bride to fall for you, and is it cheaper than meeting a Colombian woman offline? Any foreign men start their quest for Latin brides with the same question in mind. The critical point to understand here is that mail order brides pricing differs from country to country and from a dating service to a dating service.

Usually, the first step to take on your journey to find a Colombian mail order bride is registering with a dating website. Some services are cheaper while others are more expensive. So, you should count on spending around $15-$40 monthly on a service membership. Yet, the membership may be not enough to use the service to the fullest. Since these are Colombian women for marriage that you look for, the more you get to know them, the better. Various dating websites offer users a chance to interact through live chats and video chats. Instant messages can cost you $6 per 10 minutes on average, while a video chat can reach over $10 per 10 minutes of communication.

A word of advice would be to keep away from the platforms that claim to offer the lowest mail order bride prices. Dating platforms with a trustworthy reputation may cost you a little extra for online user data safety and protected online communication. However, you’ll be conversing with real ladies instead of potential scams.

Journey to Colombia

When you’re all set on the price of Colombian dating and find it affordable, you need to think about the journey to Colombia. There’s no use in planning a further relationship until you meet the lady. This step may be a little easier to afford since the country is among the cheapest. All it takes is around $400 for a round-trip ticket to travel from the USA to Colombia. Of course, prices may vary depending upon your location. Traveling to Colombia from Europe will require a more significant investment.

When it comes to a place to stay, a well-rated hotel costs around $25, so that a 10-day vacation will cost you only $250. An average cost of dating mail order brides in Colombia will take you another $200 a week. Both food and entertainment come cheap in Colombia. A nice romantic dinner for 2 won’t cost more than $20.

How much does it cost to take a Latin wife with you?

The final step to make a dream come true is to relocate the lady of your heart to your country, unless you prefer to stay with her in Colombia. If it’s the USA that you want to take her, there are 2 ways for Columbia and South America women to leave the country:

  • Immigrant visa for a Spouse of a U.S. Citizen – around $1,200
  • Fiancé visa (K-1) – over $2,000

The first option implies that you marry the woman of your dreams in Colombia and take her back home as your wife. While the other implies that you both travel to your country and get married there.

How much is a mail order wife?

The most important thing to understand is that you are never paying for the actual bride. When people refer to the average mail order bride price, they mean the average of total costs incurred to talk to, meet and finally wed their foreign bride. That implies:

  • The cost of signing up for a mail order bride service
  • Paying for access to different mail order bride albums
  • Paying for communication services
  • Paying for translation services (if necessary)
  • Cost of gifts
  • Round trip flight cost to Columbia
  • Hotel costs
  • Dating expenses
  • If you like the girl enough to marry her, then the cost of her visa
  • Cost of her flight to the US

For the detailed Colombian bride price where you`ll see in depth where you`d have to spend money and exactly how much, read on. With this article, buying a bride online is made stress free!

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Final words

So, how much does it cost to date a Colombian girl? If you follow all the logical steps and start with an online meeting, offline one, and marriage, it may take you around $3,000-$7,000 on average. That’s precisely the amount you may spend yearly on dating random ladies offline without finding a soulmate in the end. If the perks of finding a person to spend your life with online sound more appealing to you, too, don’t waste your time considering the odds and register with the platform today!