About Us

‌It`s impossible to count the number of dating sites floating around the Internet. That`s why we create reviews users find helpful in a dating resource search.

Our concept

‌We are a young, yet growing and very motivated organization that strives to help people from every corner of the world to find someone for acquaintance, dating, relationships, etc. The online dating niche is developing fast, and a great number of new platforms appear every month. On the one hand, it creates a great choice. Hence, everyone can find someone to their liking. On the other hand, it becomes more challenging to select the most suitable resource because of the services` variety and prices. How would you know what`s best?

‌That`s why we review the most popular and sought-after sites. The ones that are in heavy demand. We do the research, analyze, conclude the information we get. After that, we describe the experience a potential dater might get on the platform. We touch upon the most important constituents of a successful dating resource — prices, community, customer support, profiles, user-friendliness, design, etc.

How we make money?

‌ColombianWomenForMarriage.org has a big number of reviews and articles that help online daters to enjoy their new online dating experience and decrease the level of anxiety many have when facing a problem of a site`s choosing. We also give professional recommendations and tips that singles usually need as meeting people online is different from offline acquaintances.

‌We don`t offer any subscription or paid services to our readers. Users can feel free to read all our articles and additional helpful materials. However, to make it available to everyone with no fees, we get compensated for promoting agencies on our website. Note that it can influence the position of a dating resource in the rate. Nevertheless, it doesn`t affect the overall review and ranking, as lots of criteria are taken into consideration.

How the reviews are created?

‌There`s a big team of writers, editors, and content managers that work hard to create the most relevant, informative, and up-to-date reviews. Before they`re published and users can read them, the articles go through extensive and thorough research and analysis. In such a way, we get quality, detailed, and well-structured content for ColombianWomenForMarriage.org.

‌Our writers register on dating sites they`re going to review and go through the experience that potential users might have. They do the same an average online dater would do — search for profiles, communicate, try out different features and services, request help at customer support, etc. Only after a few weeks of personal usage, they`re ready to review a platform and share their opinion with our readers.

‌Moreover, to keep the articles up-to-date, we constantly check and renew the information. We also always appreciate your feedback. If you want to share your experience or need any assistance, you can contact us anytime.

Evaluation criteria

‌The criteria below are taken into consideration when analyzing and reviewing the dating platforms.


‌How popular is the site? How big is its community? This is an important part of every review as it tells a lot about the resource. The more daters come to use it, the better a site seems to be. We use SimilarWeb (provides web analytics services) to evaluate the site`s attendance, compare it with its competitors, analyze the average amount of time people spend on the site, etc.

Competitor position

‌How good is the site`s reputation? We check that reading comments and users` reviews on various resources like Facebook, trustpilot.com, influenster.com. Our sociologists investigate the material they gather and process the opinions they meet on a particular site. It helps to see its pros and cons more clearly and to present them to readers.


‌We also have a team of designers who examine the sites on a variety of points. What matters to them most is how user-friendly it is. Is it convenient to use? Are there any additional services? Is the design modern or outdated? Does it function well on all gadgets?

Users Quality

‌We also evaluate the accounts — their total number, descriptiveness, quality of personal pictures and videos. Are the users initiative? Do they reply quickly?

Customer Support

‌Finally, we check how fast a client team reacts to the requests users create. Is it easy to contact them? Are they helpful?

The overall score

‌When the review is completed, the last step is to evaluate the site and give it a score (1-5). The higher the score, the better a site is (according to our reviewers` opinion).

‌Such a serious and detail-oriented attitude in review writing helps our readers to get an unbiased yet comprehensive opinion on a particular dating site.

Allene Hoppe
I am Allene Hoppe. I’ve been writing about Colombian mail order brides for over five years, and know pretty much everything there is to know on the subject of this niche topic! I love writing articles that are informative and fun to read, so you can find my work on our website.