Barranquilla Women: Why Are They Unique?
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Barranquilla Women: Why Are They Unique?

South America is home to many stunning Barranquilla Colombia women. These are the kinds of ladies for whom you would break your neck just watching them walk by you. See, Barranquilla girls command attention whether they ask for it or not, and they’re confident in their poise.

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With such a lady by your side, you could easily take on the world and anything it throws at you. It’s no wonder guys everywhere crave their attention and are desperate to make them their wives.

What are Barranquilla women like?

Single women in Barranquilla Colombia are:

  • Stacked on physical features. They have long and slender legs, glossy hair, flat stomachs, beautiful faces, hourglass figures, and tanned skin
  • Emotionally, they are the perfect partners. They know when to give you advice, and when to just listen to your problems.
  • Considerate. These real Colombian brides are empathetic, always keep your secrets, and will be the foundation to your family.
  • Keen on dancing. They are extremely skilled dancers
  • Excellent at cooking. They love to cook and keep a clean house

What kind of men do Barranquilla girls like?

A Barranquilla girl likes a man who is:

  • Handy with tools. These single Colombian women love a man who’s keen on fixing stuff in his own house, and won’t waste time calling a plumber to fix something as simple as a leaky faucet.
  • Assertive. Barranquilla women love it when a man is macho and dominant. He knows what he wants and how he’s going to get it. These men are well prepared for life, and won’t cower in the face of tiny obstacles.
  • Good at listening. Barranquilla ladies cherish a man who truly listens to them talk and gives feedback on the things they say.

Where you can meet girls in Barranquilla

The first event of the city is the Carnival of Barranquilla. The festival brings together some of Colombia’s most splendid girls. This great event has taken place every year since 1903, Barranquilla even gives an official 4-day celebration to liven up its carnival, which is the greatest folklore festival in all of Colombia.

The girls here are very open and like to meet new people. And after the parade, the city streets turn into a huge open-air disco! The perfect place to meet a local beauty.

  • Young Barranquilla girls go often to discos and restaurants. Go to a dancing bar or a nightclub. Beautiful Barranquilla Colombian ladies like to dance until morning.
  • Online dating sites are also popular here. Many Barranquilla single girls use this possibility to meet a man of their dreams.

The best things to do with Barranquilla girls

Besides dating Barranquilla women online, why not visit this gorgeous place? Barranquilla is the fourth largest city of Colombia, and it’s more known as the Golden Gate of Colombia, for being the most strategic maritime port. Although this city is more industrial and political, it has great things to offer when dating Barranquilla Colombia women:

  • Visiting a great museum: dating in Barranquilla is good even during the daytime, and a visit to El Museo Del Caribe is one of the best romantic activities to do with your lady.
  • Carnaval de Barranquilla: why not have a good time during this carnival, which lasts 4 days. It’s a great opportunity to become a part of the crowd of people who know how to party.
  • Visiting a small zoo: during the daytime, you and your Barranquilla girl can go to a great zoo, and despite being relatively small, you can find more than 500 animal species there.
  • Going to Spanish Fort: almost all women of Barranquilla will suggest visiting the Castillo de Salgar, a restored fort that was built in 1848, and now, it’s a place for parties.
  • Enjoying modern architecture: wandering around, be sure to enjoy the city’s biggest Cathedral which was built in the 1980s. You can be sure that you won’t miss such a vast building downtown, which is the pride of the Barranquilla people.
  • Trying Costeno food: this is coastal Caribbean food you can buy from the vendors in the streets, markets, and so on. When talking about Costeno food, you’ll have a chance to try cheese-shaped arepas, fried fish, coconut rice, etc.

Medellin vs Barranquilla women

When looking for single Barranquilla women or ladies from Medellin, you might wonder which girls are more appealing. Although women living in both cities have a lot in common, there are some differences to mention:

  • Modern values: since Medellin is bigger and more developed than Barranquilla, ladies from Medellin are more modern, meaning that Barranquilla ladies are more traditional.
  • Lighter skin: although Colombia is a multiethnic country, those living in Medellin tend to be light-skinned when compared to ladies living in Barranquilla.
  • Romantic activities: if you’re interested in meeting local women, Medellin has more cultural events than Barranquilla.
  • Historical background: ladies living in Barranquilla value the historical backgrounds of their city when compared to their counterparts from Medellin, which is a comparatively new city.
  • Socializing: in both of these cities, it’s easy to approach ladies, but those living in Barranquilla are considered to be more polite, more approachable, more hospitable, and kinder.

Bottom line

In Barranquilla, you’ll find social and warm people everywhere. If you’re looking forward to dating a Barranquilla single woman, you’ll have a devoted and beautiful girlfriend. So, just invite a gorgeous Barranquilla girl for a date now.

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